Preserving our Italian Heritage
Message from Editor

Preserving our Italian Heritage...Message from the Cookbook Editor

"Preserving our Italian Heritage" is more than just a cookbook. It is a collection of recipes from the hearts and minds of our forefathers, many handed down from generation to generation and written down for the very first time in this book.
Over 500 recipes were received from the members of the Grand Lodge of Florida. A few were received on note paper, just jotted down. Some in yellowed envelopes written by a family member long departed. Some precious old recipes that called for "half an eggshell full" or "add a wine glass of". All, family tested favorites and traditional holiday recipes.
As we compiled, we felt a sense of urgency to record all the marvelous recipes from the different regions of Italy. We have included many familiar foods, some similar, some so different that you will feel compelled to try the recipe.
These wonderful foods are nostalgic and heart warming, evoking beautiful memories of the past, entwining and reaching out to today.
We hope you enjoy our cookbook and you will find in its pages a special recipe that will become a family favorite.
It is also our hope that some day, somewhere, someone will read our cookbook and quietly sigh "Thank you for taking the time to write it all down". We feel this cookbook is truly a reflection of our cultural heritage.
Rose Marie Boniello
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