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Gnocco Frito 

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Ingredients (calculate 100 gr of flour per person, if serving this as a main course)

500 gr wheat flour
30 gr unsalter butter
1/4 liters of a half-and-half mix of lukewarm sparkling water and milk
frying oil (the traditional recipe commands frying in pig's lard:)

Mix all the ingredients together with your hands until you obtain a smooth, non-sticky but elastic bowl of dough. Place it in a bowl to rest for 30 minutes, then tear it in small pieces and roll it in very thin sheets (0.3 cm) with a rolling pin. Cut the sheets in triangles or squares, then deep fry them in the oil once it reached a very high temperature, in a deep frying pan - the hotter the oil, the deeper the pan, the shortest it takes for the gnocco to fry and thus the less oil it absorbs! It just needs about 10 seconds of cooking - as soon as it starts making bubbles on the surface, it's done. Lay your gnocco on a plate covered in kitchen paper to absorb the excess oil, then serve with a large plate of Italian cured meats (pancetta, prosciutto di Parma, coppa, salame, etc..). Since the dish is quite heavy, it's best to accompany it just with simple raw veggies cut in sticks and presented with a dipping vinaigrette of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Also serves as a great starter or accompaniment to a yummy dish of Italian antipasti (prosciutto, preserved vegetables, olives, etc..).

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never knew 

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I like gnocchi the regular way, I never knew you can fry them.


Sempre Avanti!
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Italian sausage very high in calories, but very tasty. Smile

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Gnocco Frito 
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